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Authorized distributor / reseller for new Keysight Technologies products. Categories include handheld multimeter, benchtop multimeter, milliohmmeter, and megohmmeter. Most items are also available for rental or lease.


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11059A Kelvin Probe Set Two gold-plated flat tweezers, 4-wire measurement  New  
11060A Surface Mount Device Probe Gold-plated beryllium-copper tweezer design for SMD  New  
11062A Kelvin Clip Set Includes two Kelvin clips  New  
16117C Low Noise Test Leads For 4339B High-Resistance Meter  New  
34131A Transit Case For single half-rack unit  New  
34133A Precision Electronic Test Leads Designed for working with small components  New  
34134A DC Current Probe 10 mA to 80 A DC, 60 A AC  New  
34136A High Voltage Probe Up to 40 kV  New  
34138A Test Lead Set   New  
34161A Accessory Pouch   New  
34162A Accessory Pouch   New  
34171B Input Terminal Block 18 gauge, 1000 V  New  
34172B Calibration Short Used w/34401A/34410A/34411A/L4411A DMMs  New  
34307A Thermocouple Kit 10 J-Type Thermocouples, 72" long each  New  
34308A Thermistor Kit 5 Thermistors, 0 to 75 degrees C  New  
34330A 30 Amp Current Shunt   New  
34401A Digital Multimeter 6-1/2 Digit Display  New  
34405A Digital Multimeter 5-1/2 Digit, Dual Display  Used  
34410A, 34411A Digital Multimeters 6-1/2 Digits, up to 50,000 Readings/Sec  New  
34420A NanoVolt/Micro-Ohm Meter 7-1/2 digits, 100 pV / 100 nOhm sensitivity  New  
34450A 5.5 Digit Bench Digital Multimeter 5.5 Digit OLED display, 190 reading/s  New  
34460A, 34461A (34401A Replacement) True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt 6-1/2 digit, Truevolt Technology, 34401A Replacement  New  
34465A, 34470A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt 1000 V, 6-1/2 & 7-1/2 digit display  New  
3446GPBU GPIB Interface User Installable Interface Module for Truevolt DMMs  New  
3446LANU LAN/LXI Web Interface for 34460A LAN/LXI Web Interface for 34460A  New  
3458A Digital Multimeter 8-1/2 Digit Display  New  
4338B Milliohm Meter   Used  
4339B High-Resistance Meter 1E3 to 1.6E16 Ohms  Used  
4349B 4-Channel High-Resistance Meter 10E3 to 10E15 ohms  Used  
E2308A Thermistor Temperature Probe   New  
L4411A System Digital Multimeter 6.5 Digits, 1 Rack Unit size  Used  
U1115A Remote Logging Display 100 meter range, simultaneously displays 4 meters' readings  New  
U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth Adapter Combines w/ U1115A for wireless remote measurements to 300'  New  
U1176A LED Flashlight 3", Clips to test probes to increase visibility  New  
U1177A IR-to-Bluetooth Adapter wireless remote connectivity to handheld DMMs  New  
U1191A Clamp Meter To 400 A AC, 6,000 counts  New  
U1191A, U1192A, U1193A, U1194A, U1190A Series Clamp Meters 400A  New  
U1192A Clamp Meter To 400 A AC, Capacitance, 6,000 counts  New  
U1193A Clamp Meter To 600 A AC, TRMS, Capacitance, 6,000 Counts  New  
U1194A Clamp Meter To 600 A AC, TRMS, Capacitance, Temp, 6,000 Counts  New  
U1211A, U1212A, U1213A, U1210 Series Handheld Clamp Meters 1000 A True-RMS AC, DC or AC+DC  New  
U1231A Digital Multimeter 600 V, 60 MΩ, TRMS  New  
U1231A, U1232A, U1233A, U1230A Series Handheld Digital Multimeters True RMS 6000 Count  New  
U1232A Digital Multimeter 600 V, 60 MΩ, 60 μA to 10 A, TRMS  New  
U1233A Digital Multimeter 600 V, 60 MΩ, 60 μA to 10 A, Vsense, TRMS  New  
U1241C, U1242C, U1240C Series Digital Multimeters Handheld, 10,000 Counts, Dual Display, Orange  New  
U1251B, U1252B, U1253B, U1250B Series Digital Multimeters Handheld, 50,000 Counts, Dual Display, Orange  New  
U1271A Digital Multimeter 1000 V, 30,000 Count LED, True RMS AC  New  
U1271A, U1272A, U1273A, U1273AX, U1270A Series Digital Multimeters Handheld, 30,000 Count Display, True RMS  New  
U1272A Digital Multimeter 1000 V, 30,000 Count LED, True RMS AC+DC  New  
U1273A Digital Multimeter 1000 V, 30,000 Count OLED Display, True RMS AC+DC  New  
U1273AX Digital Multimeter 1000 V, 30,000 Count OLED Display, True RMS AC+DC  New  
U1281A, U1282A, U1280A Series Handheld Digital Multimeters 1000 V, 10 A, 60,000 count, TRMS  New  
U1401B Handheld Calibrator/Meter Simultaneous signal source and measure, Orange  New  
U1583B AC Current Clamp 400 Amps, Orange  New  
U1586B Temperature Adapter Thermocouple Adapter for most DMMs  New  
U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter 5.5 digits, USB Modular form factor  New  
U3401A, U3402A Digital Multimeters 4-1/2 and 5-1/2 Digits, Dual Display  New  
U3606B Multimeter / DC Power Supply 5-1/2 Digit Multimeter, 30 W DC Power Supply  New  
Y1133A Low-Thermal External DMM Scanning Kit   New  
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CL200, CL1200 Current Clamps To 240 Arms, 1200 Arms  New  
DMM4020 Digital Multimeter 5.5 Digits, Dual Display, 0.015%  New  
DMM4040, DMM4050 Digital Multimeters 6.5 Digits, Graphical Display  New  
PA-LEADSET Test Leads 1000 V, 32 A, CAT II  New  
TL705 2x4 Wire Ohm 1000 V Precision Test Leads   New  
TP750 RTD Temperature Probe -200°C to 300°C Temperature Range  New  
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1600A High Voltage Probe 40KV DC, 28KV RMS AC  New  
1651 Current Shunt 50 A  New  
1681 Test Lead Set Two 1.2m Clip-on leads  New  
1751 Test Probes 2-Wire, General-Purpose  New  
1752 Test Lead Kit 8 Test Leads  New  
1754 Universal Test Lead Kit 10-Piece  New  
2000 Digital Multimeter 6-1/2 Digits  New  
2001 Digital Multimeter 7-1/2 Digits  New  
2002 Digital Multimeter 8-1/2 Digits  New  
2010 Digital Multimeter 7-1/2 Digits, Low-Noise  New  
2015 THD Multimeter 6-1/2 Digit DMM, THD, 4Vrms output  New  
2015-P Audio Analyzing Multimeter 6-1/2 Digit DMM, THD, 4Vrms output, Peak Spectral Analysis  New  
2016 THD Multimeter 6-1/2 Digit DMM, THD, 9.5Vrms output  New  
2016-P Audio Analyzing Multimeter 6-1/2 Digit DMM, THD, 9.5Vrms output, Peak Spectral Analysis  New  
2100 Digital Multimeter 6-1/2 Digits, USB  New  
2110 Digital Multimeter 5-1/2 Digits, Dual-Display, USB & GPIB  New  
2182A Nanovoltmeter 1 nV Resolution  New  
2187-4 Low Thermal Test Lead Kit For 2182A, 622x Current Sources  New  
2502 Dual-Channel Picoammeter Dual-Channel, 10 fA resolution, 6-1/2 digits  New  
2600-BAN Interface Cable Banana test leads/adapter cable  New  
3706-BAN DMM Adapter Cable Banana test leads/adapter  New  
3706-TLK Test Lead Kit 3706-BAN and Plug-In Accessories  New  
428-PROG Programmable Current Amplifier Gain: 103 V/A - 1011 V/A  Used  
5804 Universal Test Lead Set 10-Piece  New  
5805, 5805-12 Kelvin Probes Banana plug termination  New  
5806 Kelvin Clip Leads 2 clip test leads w/Banana plugs  New  
5807-7 Helical Spring Point Test Leads 2.1m, For Series 2400, 2750, and DMMs  New  
5808 Kelvin Probe Set 2 Pin probes  New  
5809 Kelvin Clip Lead Set For Series 2000, 2700, 2701, 2750, Series 2400  New  
6482 Picoammeter/ Voltage Source 6-1/2 digits, 1 fA resolution  New  
6485 Picoammeter 5-1/2 Digits, 10 fA resolution  New  
6487 Picoammeter / Voltage Source 5-1/2 Digits, 10 fA resolution, 200μV-500V source  New  
6514 Programmable Electrometer 5-1/2 digits  New  
6517-RH Humidity Probe 10 to 90% RH  New  
6517-TP Thermocouple Bead Probe Type K, For use w/6517A, 6517B  New  
6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter 5-1/2 digits, 1fA to 20mA, 10μV to 200V  New  
7401 Thermocouple Wire Kit Type K, 30.5m (100 ft.)  New  
8605 Modular Test Leads High performance  New  
8606 Modular Probe Kit Used w/8605 Modular Test Leads  New  
8681 RTD Sensor -200 ° to +600 °C  New  
DMM7510 Graphical Sampling Multimeter 7-1/2 Digit, Digitizer, Touch Screen Diaplay  New