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Keeping Teams Connected and Their Communications Secure With information technology evolving fast, cyber-attacks multiplying, and nations around the world facing potential security threats, the demand for operational excellence and pinpoint results with respect to telecom applications is greater than ever.

The pressure to both operate faster and address new technical requirements creates huge challenges for governmental organizations, as well as for aerospace and defense departments. In turn, these challenges are compounded by budget realities, which bring paramount importance to enhancing technologies and refining the processes.

Assure Any IP Service over Any Network to Any Endpoint There is a growing need for networking technologies that enable successful information sharing and smooth operations in contested environments. From construction to service turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting, testing and qualification of network assets is crucial to achieving the performance demanded in static and dynamic theatres of operations worldwide.

From world-leading optical testing solutions, to flexible, scalable and comprehensive Ethernet and next-generation IP platforms, to unmatched service assurance and monitoring capabilities, EXFO’s portfolio of compact, portable or stationary network lifecycle solutions address the network assessment challenges brought by bandwidth growth, the trend toward IP convergence and the expansion of the Global Information Grid.

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85100G on FTB500