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Keysight FieldFox Handheld Analyzers radar pulse measurement option

Carry Precision with You To Ka Band & Beyond.

Introducing New 32 / 44 / 50 GHz Handheld Analyzers

Keysight has added six millimeter-wave models to its family of FieldFox handheld analyzers. The flagship model is the industry’s first handheld combination analyzer to provide coverage to 50 GHz. These higher frequency models are designed for maintenance and troubleshooting of systems that operate above 26.5 GHz.

New models include:

See Keysight's RF / Microwave Combination Analyzers, RF and Microwave Vector Network Analyzers, and Microwave Spectrum Network Analyzers product listings, application notes and flyers.

Keysight U1280 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters

Keysight U1280 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters
Trustworthy measurements in the palm of your hand!

The new Keysight U1280 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters give you the precision you need with 60,000-count dual display and 0.025% accuracy. With the handheld meter logger software, swiftly capture individual measurements, generate reports and log trends with the touch of the button. Plus, with up to 800 hours of battery life, you can count on your DMM to perform when you need it.

 More information: U1281A, U1282A Handheld Digital Multimeters

Keysight U1241C, U1242C Digital Multimeters

Keysight U1240C Series Digital Multimeters
Perform test confidently and efficiently

The new Keysight U1240C Series handheld digital multimeters is a strong and solid tool that helps you work efficiently. Certified to IP 67 and capable to withstand a 3-meter (10 feet) drop to suit harsh working environments, these durable DMMs can even work longer for you with up to 400 hours of battery life. Better yet, you can optimize productivity with unique data logging functionality designed to run seamlessly with these DMMs.

 More information: U1241C, U1242C Handheld Digital Multimeters

Keysight E36100 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

Keysight E36100 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies
Five new models delivering clean power, excellent regulation, fast transient response and built-in USB and LAN interfaces

Keysight E36100 Series Programmable DC Power SuppliesDesigns change—and so should your DC power supply.
The NEW Keysight E36100 Series DC power supplies let you power your device via manual front-panel operation, remote soft front panel operation, or with semi-automatic or fully automatic procedures. The E36100 Series is engineered by Keysight to power your designs safely and quietly during manual tests or automated sequences. From every angle — size, display, and I/O — the E36100 will impress you. Add one to your bench and power forward.

 More information: • E36102A / 30 W  • E36103A / 40 W  • E36104A / 35 W  • E36105A / 36 W  • E36106A / 40 W

Keysight DSOX6000, MSO6000 X-Series Digital-Storage, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Keysight InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Digital-Storage, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
New Standard for Price Performance: Bandwidth, Visualization, and Integration

6 instruments in 1 (now with 10-digit counter)
The 6000 X-Series features bandwidth to 6 GHz, sample rate to 20 GSa/s, > 450,000 wfms/sec update rate, and 12.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen making it well-suited for the most demanding engineers who want bandwidth, visualization power and the flexibility that comes with integrated capabilities — but with portability, a familiar embedded OS user interface, and an affordable price.

The 6000 X-Series has 6-in1 integration, combining digital channels, serial protocol analysis, a built-in dual-channel wave- form generator, built-in digital multimeter, and built-in 10-digit counter with totalizer. It also integrates multi-language voice control for the irst time in an oscilloscope.

More information: InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

 For a limited-time, get 50% off all bandwidth upgrades for InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes. Get info.

Keysight DSOX3000T, MSOX3000T X-Series Digital-Storage, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Keysight InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series Digital-Storage, Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
Oscilloscopes Redefined

Ultimate debug scope: see it, trigger on it, analyze it.
The 3000T X-Series is designed specifically for operation with a capacitive touch screen, which allows you to select targets naturally and quickly, improving problem-solving capability and productivity. It is a 6-in-1 instrument with optional digital channels, protocol analysis, 20 MHz AWG, 8-digit counter, and 3-digit DVM. It also comes with a gated FFT feature, allowing correlation of the time and frequency domain signals.

The 3000T X-Series offers upgradable bandwidths from 100 MHz to 1.0 GHz and several benchmark features in addition to the touch screen interface and graphical zone triggering capability. And an uncompromised update rate of one million waveforms per second gives you visibility into subtle signal details.

More information: InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series Oscilloscopes

100 MHz
100 MHz
200 MHz
200 MHz
350 MHz
350 MHz
500 MHz
500 MHz
1 GHz
1 GHz
100 MHz
2+16 Ch.
100 MHz
4+16 Ch.
200 MHz
2+16 Ch.
200 MHz
4+16 Ch.
350 MHz
2+16 Ch.
350 MHz
4+16 Ch.
500 MHz
2+16 Ch.
500 MHz
4+16 Ch.
1 GHz
2+16 Ch.
1 GHz
4+16 Ch.

 Take the 3000T X-Series Trigger Challenge

Keysight U5855A, U5856A, U5857A, U5850A Series TrueIR Thermal Imagers

Keysight Adds Two New Imagers to its U5850A TrueIR Series
Clear and sharp thermal images with unique Fine Resolution capability

Get four times more details with Fine Resolution capability – 320 x 240 pixels from detector resolution of 160 x 120 pixels. And with the 4x digital zoom capability, they can magnify the thermal image of a far-away object to quickly spot problems and reveal even finer details. They also feature improved usability and added trend analysis, and free software. Electronics R&D and Design Validation engineers love these TrueIR thermal imagers for their fine resolution (320x240) at an ultra-low cost, image logging over longer periods of time and close-up range from 10cm.

  • View finer object details with 4x digital zoom
  • Quick access buttons to easily change settings or functions
  • Temperature measurement: –20° up to 1200°C
  • 3.1 MP visible light camera

Learn more about Keysight's U5850A Series TrueIR Thermal Imagers: U5855A, U5856A, U5857A.

Through May 31, 2016, you can get two years of extended warranty on U585A SeriesTrueIR Thermal Imagers. Get info.

Keysight 34465A, 34470A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt

Keysight 34465A, 34470A True RMS Digital Multimeters
The new 34465A and 34470A offer higher levels of accuracy, speed, and resolution

Get more insight quickly
The new 6-1/2 digit 34465A and 7-1/2 digit 34470A DMMs represent the next generation of bench/system DMMs from Keysight. Truevolt DMMs let you display DMM results in ways you never have before — and measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence.

Truevolt DMM's graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Both models also provide a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.

 More information: 34465A, 34470A True RMS Digital Multimeters

Keysight B2981A, B2983A, B2985A, B2987A, B2980 Series Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers

Keysight B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers
Highly sensitive, low-current and high-resistance measurements

Keysight picoammeters and electrometers provide a world-best performance of 0.01 fA
Keysight has expanded its B2900 Precision Instrument Family with the new B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeter & Electrometer. The B2980A is the world’s only graphical Picoammeter/Electrometer that can confidently measure down to 0.01 fA and up to 10 PΩ.

These two Picometers and two Electrometers feature Graphical Time Domain view, Graphical Real Time Histogram View, and a best-in-class 2 pA-20 mA ranges and internal 1000 V source ensuring accurate measurement capabilities. Additionally, the battery-operated models eliminate AC power noise from measurements.

 More information: B2981A, B2983A, B2985A, B2987A, B2980 Series Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers.

Keysight AC6800 Series Power Supplies

Keysight AC6800 and 6800B Series: Basic and Performance AC Power Sources
Because you can't afford the down time

Keysight Technologies' AC6800 series of Basic AC Sources offers stable, reliable power with models available up to 4000 VA to its existing 6800B Series of Performance AC Sources. The addition of the new AC6800 Series provide a complete AC test solution with built in arbitrary waveform generator to simulate many types of power waveforms, at power levels up to 1750 VA. Both families may also be used to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform.

AC6800 Series Basic AC Sources
  • Models up to 4000 VA
  • An intuitive user interface tested over time
  • Flexible IO: LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional)
6800B Series Performance AC Sources/Analyzers
  • Models up to 1750 VA
  • Extensive built-in power measurement capabilities
  • IO: GPIB and RS-232
  • Integrated transient waveform generation capabilities

Keysight U1451A, U1452A, U1452AT, U1453A, U1461A Handheld Insulation Testers

Keysight U145x Insulation Resistance Testers
Do MORE with the U1450/60A insulation resistance testers

Accomplish more in a day’s work with a single insulation tester – test more applications, make various types of measurements and easily generate reports. Certified to IP 67 and tested to withstand a 3 meter (10-feet) drop, this robust tester is capable to withstand harsh conditions.

  • Wireless insulation resistance testing via PC and smart phone/tablet applications
  • Automatic test report generation
  • 50 V / 100 V / 250 V / 500 V / 1000 V test voltages
  • Measure up to 260 GΩ

U1450A/60A Series Insulation Resistance Testers: U1451A, U1452A, U1452AT, U1453A, U1461A

Through May 31, 2016, get two years' extended warranty on Keysight U1450A/60A Series Insulation Resistance Testers. Get info.

N6700 Series Power Supply Modules

Keysight N6785A / N6786A SMU Modules
Two new modules in the N6700 Modular Power System (MPS) family

Deliver Exceptional Battery Life
Keysight's N6780 Series 2-Quadrant High-Power Source/Measure Units let you visualize current drain from nA to A in one pass and, in one picture, unlock insights to deliver exceptional battery life. The N6785A and N6786A allow you to overcome test challenges associated with powering and testing mobile devices from 20 W to 80 W.

Learn more about the N6785A and N6786A >>

Keysight U8903B High Performance Audio Analyzer

Keysight U8903B High-Performance Audio Analyzer
Make multi-function and high-performance audio measurements

The U8903B features Low residual distortion of <-110 dB to measure low distortion devices, Wide measure bandwidth, Flexible configuration with an increasing array of options, test sequence function to implement automatic test, speech and audio quality measurements with Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment (POLQA) and Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ).

Learn how the U8903B makes more audio measurements >>

Keysight U2040 X-Series Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensors

Keysight U2040 X-Series Wide Dynamic Range USB Power Sensors
Widest dynamic range power sensor for wireless communication applications

The U2040 X-Series' 96 dB dynamic range, spanning -70 dBm to +26 dBm, enables accurate power measurements of very small signals, critical for applications such as wireless chipset and power amplifier module manufacturing. With the new average mode time selectivity feature, Additionally, the U2049XA LAN power sensor achieves a number of industry firsts: 1) it is the world's first thermal vacuum compliant (TVAC) power sensor; and 2) it is the first power sensor to come with LAN/Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity.

Get more info: U2041XA, U2042XA, U2043XA, U2044XA, and U2049XA Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensors.

Keysight U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth Adapter, U1115A Remote Logging Display

Keysight Remote Link
Get instant wireless Bluetooth connection and measure safely from an extended distance

By connecting your handheld meter to the remote link solution – U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter and U1115A remote logging display, you can view and log measurements wirelessly up to 100 meters away.

Keysight 34460A, 34461A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt technology

Keysight 34460A, 34461A True RMS Digital Multimeters with Truevolt
Measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence

The next generation of bench/system DMMs
Keysight's new 34460A, 34461A Digital Multimeters with Truevolt offer several real advantages. They help engineers see their measurement data in new ways, get actionable information faster, and document their results more easily. Exclusive Truevolt technology reduces extraneous factors such as noise, injected current and input bias current for increased measurement confidence. Plus, Keysight 34461A is the industry's only 100% drop-in, SCPI compatible replacement for the Keysight 34401A DMM

 Learn more about Keysight's Truevolt DMMs.

Keysight BenchVue SoftwareKeysight BenchVue Software for the PC
This new software option from Keysight reinvents your bench testing by making it simple to connect, record, and achieve results with your instruments with no programming. You will derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen images with a few clicks from a single environment.

BenchVue platform software (model# BV0000A) is a no-cost download that includes built-in apps for Keysight digital multimeters, function generators, power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, data acquisition units and power sensors. With BenchVue, it's as simple as: click, capture, done.

Get more info...

Keysight 10076C, N2804A, N2805A probes

10076C High Voltage Passive Probe, N2804A, N2805A High Voltage Differential Probes

The new 10076C improves upon its predecessor, the popular 10076B with improved in bandwidth from 250 MHz to 500 MHz due to an added spring ground accessory. Compared to using the standard 15-cm long alligator ground, the shorter spring ground provides reduced inductance that allows you to achieve flat frequency response across a wider bandwidth range.

Keysight's new N2804A, N2805A differential probes provide superior general-purpose differential signal measurements for high-speed power measurements, vehicle bus measurements, and high-speed digital system designs.

The 10076C, N2804A and N2805A probes are compatible with Keysight's 4000 X-Series and other popular scopes.

Keysight New Product Announcements

Keysight's Promotions and Special Offers

See all of Keysight's Test & Measurement Promotions and Special Offers

Supercharge your oscilloscope with more bandwidth for free

Supercharge Your New Oscilloscope to an MSO for FREE!
Get logic analysis capability in your oscilloscope for free.

Through September 30, 2016 you can get a Keysight mixed signal oscilloscope for the price of a DSO for 3000T, 4000X, and 6000X Series oscilloscopes.

Learn more >>

ReMEMber to Upgrade your Bench

ReMEMber to Upgrade your Bench
with Keysight’s Next-Generation Truevolt Digital Multimeters & Trueform Waveform Generators

For a limited time, receive FREE memory upgrades when you advance to Keysight’s next-generation
Truevolt digital multimeters and Trueform waveform generators (up to $600 USD value).

Learn more >>

Keysight B2900A Discounted Price Promotion

Save 15% on the B2900A Precision Instrument Family

For a limited time get a 15% discount on all B2900 precision instrument family products. Don't miss this great opportunity to get superior performance for a lower price!

Included: B2900A Series Precision Source/ Measure Units  |  B2960A Series Low Noise Voltage/ Current Source  |  B2980A Series Femto/Picoammeters and Electrometers

Learn more >>

Trade-in and Get Up To 30% Off a New Keysight InfiniiVision Scope!

Trade-in and Get Up To 30% Off a New Keysight InfiniiVision Scope

Trade-in your existing oscilloscope (any brand or Agilent/Keysight) and receive up to 30% off on the purchase of a new InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope with up to twice the bandwidth.

Get the latest technology and up to double the bandwidth at a reduced cost.

More info >>

50% Off InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Bandwidth Upgrades

50% Off InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Bandwidth Upgrades

Now you can get more bandwidth for less!
Through February 29, 2016, you can receive 50% off all bandwidth upgrades for the Keysight InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes. Never before has it been less expensive to purchase a 2.5, 4 or 6 GHz oscilloscope.

Learn more about half-price Bandwidth Upgrades for Keysight's MSO/DSO6000 X-Series Scopes.

Buy 2 Keysight Handhelds - Get the 3rd Handheld FREE!

Buy 2 Keysight Handhelds and get the 3rd for FREE! Choose from 36 models.

Buy Two, Get One Free!
Through February 29, 2016, when you purchase any two eligible Keysight handhelds and register your purchase with Keysight, they'll send you the 3rd handheld for FREE! You have the option to choose the FREE handheld unit model based on the equal or lower value of the purchased handhelds.

Learn more about Keysight'sBuy Three, Get One Free Handheld tools promo.

Keysight FieldFox Trade-in Promo

Trade up to FieldFox RF Combination and Microwave Spectrum Analyzers

Trade in your Anritsu, HP/Agilent Legacy, or FieldFox for New FieldFox Millimeter Models
Save up to 25% on Keysight’s new FieldFox analyzers N9950A, N9951A, N9952A, N9960A, N9961A and N9962A. Trade-in an eligible analyzer (Keysight, Agilent, HP or competitor) and receive up to 25% credit towards the purchase of a new FieldFox 32, 44, or 50 GHz analyzer.

Learn more >>

Get an Extra Two Years Warranty for Free for your TrueIR thermal imager or insulation resistance tester

Extra Two Year Warranty Extension for Free

Through May 31, 2016, you can get two years extended warranty on Keysight TrueIR thermal imagers and nsulation meters. Buy any new U5855A TrueIR Thermal Imager or new U1450/60A Insulation Resistance Tester – and get a FREE warranty extension to Five Years.

Get more info >>